Move over hate.

This world is moving to a state of hate;
Spining in the universe to no place I
Can relate.

Division is everywhere. Identity lost.
Just bodies moving, just another cost.

Some look down, some look up.
Some have money and some have luck.

Then there are those who are lost at
The bottom, reaching for dreams
That soon are forgotten.

But what no one can see is we
Are fighting the same battle;
Causing a stir and making a rattle.

For although we may seem far far away;
Were all on the stage performing our

Move over hate . You have no place
In a state that was born out of love.

Raising of eyes and telling of lies;
has no place In our society.
Only words of love and the signs
Of the dove.

Move over hate. We have no time for you. Were going to give you your due.

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