Always a little help.

Please dont,  whatever you do,  please dont.. Oh no,  far too late.. Five feet away,  four feet away.. If you look to the floor perhaps they’ll think your on a mission,  mars perhaps. Keep on looking at the floor. Gosh damn it, no, its alright,  its only a smile, i can deal with smiles. Good grief lady you looked like a frog at the orthodontics. Why did you smile like that? I was scared let alone the other person. Do you think I scared her?… Definitely.  Should I turn around and apologise, yes I’ll turn around,  turning oh good grief people everywhere.  I can imagine a apocalypse being like this.  Keep on walking,  should i go left or right. I dont know.  Please nobody ask me how i am, im fine,  im always,  always fine!!  i didnt mean to be rude, the frog comes out again. Oh gosh, everyone everywhere.  I wish more than anything i could sit down where i am.. Just sit down, for all the world to stop so i can read a book.

Mental health in this day in age is so important.  I cant ever describe the power the mind can have on us,  both in a good way and a bad.  So many people are caught in dark dark places and feel unable to escape, feel walls pushing against them from all angles. I have suffered from mental health and have had help for it and i have never felt more needed in this world. My writing means the world to me and through it, i have felt like I have worth. However, Not everyone is able to see the light. Though light can be found in the smallest and unlikely of places, it can be found in other people,  animals perhaps but it can be found. It may not take today, it may not take the day after but it will be found.  Social Anxiety can be helped because though your heart is full of fear and your head cant stop rushing – there are people who dont judge the way you talk or judge the way you walk.  Depression can be helped because there is something to live for in each day, no matter how small. Schizophrenia can be helped because not all voices in this world want you to hurt yourself or others.  OCD can be helped because not everything in the world needs to be in place.

There is help in the world for those who suffer in the mind- there is rest for the constant buzz of the head.

Mental Health is important. Mental health needs to be heard.

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