The Intruders

Sometimes they travelled by day,  but mainly night.  There footsteps were silent yet each child that lay in bed,  knew that they were coming. On a leash, bound to the tallests side was a dog, snarling as it walked, sniffing the floor so that every corner  had been searched by his rough, blooded muzzle.

When at last,  they had reached there destination,  they put down there travelling bags and one by one entered the room. The girl,  perhaps thirteen,  shivered as they pulled back the sheet from over her face.

She had stopped crying for she knew it was worthless. The tears stuck uncomfortable to her chin as she looked up at the intruders. She knew who they were of course.They came to all at some point, they were there to take away her childhood, to strip her of her memories.

With a feeling of acceptance,  she held out her hands as if expecting pain but, a few moments later she opened her eyes. They had tracked down the wrong scent. With a howl of pain and terror the dog jumped upwards and leapt into the air  ,  the figures turned to give the girl a warning look and dissappeared into night.


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