For One Week Only.

For one week only, I shall allow visitors into my head .

The bus leaves at eight o’clock so, please, do not

be late, though past may prove itself otherwise,

tardiness i  HATE.

Tickets are ten pounds but if your early, you

get a fiver off. As a working progress , you

must understand, that not all is in its place,

so please , just one request, return, with haste

that of which you’ve touched.

I close early on a Saturday and Wednesday open late.

Just, please, promise me this,  make your questions short

or quick ,for, though past may prove  otherwise,

time wasters make me sick. 

The choice is yours but do remember,

don’t say I did not warn you.

For though I try my very best , some things

do not go to plan, but at least you’ll understand

why I may well look a mess,  Martha in room 41 is

committing theft , so on that,  i will surely leave you.

Remember though, i did warn you.

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